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I finally got through the TONS of pictures I took on our trip to Charleston, I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorites! This city

July Self Portrait: Babymooning + Checking Off the Bucket List

This month I was able to cross one of the big items off my bucket list – I finally traveled to Charleston! I have always wanted to

June Self Portrait: The News is Out!

The news is officially out that I’m going to be a mom in less than THREE months!!! I can’t believe we’re so close to our

We Are Having A Baby!!!

The saying goes, “After the storm, comes a rainbow.” This past weekend I shared that it has been a whole year since we lost our son, Jack.

May Self Portrait: Scouting, Scouting and More Scouting

This time of year is always crazy busy for me: I’m knee deep in weddings and seniors sessions are just about to start. And that means

Me + My Bestie

This is starting to feel like the year of me offering lots of new sessions, and I’m kinda loving it;) Tomorrow I’m going to be

April Self Portrait: Sometimes, I Work in Bed Forts

One of my favorite parts about being an entrepreneur is that each day has the potential to look so different from the next. One day

March Self Portrait: I’m So Logical

Well friends, some months it’s easy to know what I want my self portrait to be about, then there are other months like this one,

Sixty Years

One of the things I’m most grateful for in my life is my grandparents. I’m lucky – I’m 33 years old, and still have

Latest DIY Project: Stikwood Wall

When Jay and I bought our first house in Philly, it was a fixer upper. Not to the extent where we couldn’t live in it, but it needed

Heading South

Well friends, tomorrow is the first day of March, and it’s also the same day I’ll be flying down to Florida for a week! My

The One and Only time I’ll Compare Myself to Emma Stone

A little while back, Jay and I decided to see what all of the “La La Land” hype was about. Everyone had been absolutely raving