Latest DIY Project: Stikwood Wall

When Jay and I bought our first house in Philly, it was a fixer upper. Not to the extent where we couldn’t live in it, but it needed lots and lots of updating. We were young, first time homeowners, and excited to take on the project. Well two bathroom remodels, one complete kitchen remodel, and working on pretty much every single room in our house wore us out.

So when we moved out to the Harrisburg area, I was thrilled to buy a new construction home. We were the 2nd owners in our house, and nothing needed to be done. There were things we wanted to change to match our personal styles, but nothing was totally necessary. As much as I’d never want to move into a fixer upper again, I kind of missed all of our house projects. It was always fun making a vision come to life, and it’s so much fun to take on projects with Jay. We work surprisingly well together;)

We had always wanted to do a wood wall somewhere in our house, but we always felt like we couldn’t find the time to research the project and make it all come together. On Black Friday Jay came across a product called Stikwood that was running a special, so we decided to dive in and go with that option. It looked like it was easy to install (as easy as it can be installing a wood wall), so we went for it!

We decided one of our bedrooms upstairs would be the perfect spot for the wall. We set aside a weekend for the project and got to work. We painted the whole room first, Jay trimmed out the window, and once that was all complete and painted, we got started.

So here is the before of the bedroom:


I’m notorious for choosing the wrong paint colors. We had painted the room the light grey color above, but it was too cool and looked almost blue to me. So here is the after – a warmer, darker grey (Sherwin Williams Mega Greige), the window is trimmed out, and the wood wall is complete:) And yes, I may or may not have asked Jay to help me paint the entire room at 8:00 on a Friday night. It’s how I roll;)


Like any home project, we ended up finding issues before we even started. The window had no trim, so we wanted to fix that before we installed the wood. In trying to trim out the window, we realized the window seat wasn’t braced correctly, so Jay had to work on that before we could do the trim. Once all of THAT was complete, then we were ready for the wood wall.


I’d say the trickiest part of doing a wood wall is figuring out which pieces to hang where. Stikwood is all real, reclaimed wood, with a finish added to it. So each piece is different – and some pieces were pretty dark, while others were very white. So we had to make sure to space the pieces in a way that made the wall flow, isntead of looking odd and splotchy. We also made sure to use varying lengths of the wood planks as we worked, so it didn’t look super uniform. It helped trying to lay things out on the floor a bit before attaching them to the wall:


Here is a close up of the Stikwood:


We did a lot of research about where to start the wall – every tutorial said to start in the middle of your wall so you can make sure you’re level, then work from there. But our wall has a huge window in the middle of it, so that wouldn’t really work. Plus we checked our ceilings, and they were perfectly level – that made our lives much easier, and we started at the top:


Another thing we loved about this product is how thin the boards are – so you’re not nailing super thick boards to a wall for this look:


This product couldn’t be easier to install – it has tape on the back, so you just peel the tape backing off:


And stick it to the wall:


The tape is SUPER strong, so you have to make sure you’re level and have everything situated before you adhere it to the wall – it’s almost impossible to peel it off once it’s on!


Then you roll over the wood with a rubber roller, to make sure it’s super secure.


That’s it! The only thing we needed to use a saw for was cutting down edge pieces that either met the wall or the window. And we had to cut around one outlet, but it wasn’t tough to do, because all of these wood pieces are so uniform.

Not sure if anyone else’s dog doesn’t understand the concept of personal space, but this was her preferred position while we worked;)


Here’s a close up of the finished product:


And one last shot of the whole wall!

Now, all we have to do is furnish the entire room;) One thing at a time!

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