Me + My Bestie

This is starting to feel like the year of me offering lots of new sessions, and I’m kinda loving it;) Tomorrow I’m going to be photographing a few BFF sessions for my TJP Senior Team girls. A BFF session is exactly what it sounds like – a short and fun session with you and your best friend, to get some amazing pictures together. Who wouldn’t love that before they go off to college??

When I decided I wanted to start offering these sessions, I immediately called Sam, my best friend in the entire world, and asked her to get in on a little session with me. Why not have a 33 year old version of a BFF session?! Sam and I live a little over an hour apart, but we still manage to see each other pretty often. Since we hang out so much, we are the WORST about getting pictures together…..we hardly have any. It’s just something we never think about doing when we’re together. So I’m glad we took the time to take these, now we have a BUNCH to enjoy:)

So a few weeks back I headed to her house, showed her hubby how to use my camera, and he was nice enough to get a bunch of photos for us. I can’t even tell you how much I love these photos! I’m so glad we did this. And if I felt that way just getting a few for my blog, I know all of my girls are going to love doing this with their friends too.

Sam and I have been friends since 6th grade. Which means we have literally been friends for 20 years now (dear lord I feel old). We both were taking an after school babysitting class when we met. We didn’t know each other, and she pretended to blow her nose in my hair. I decided, “you’re weird….we’ll be friends.” And the rest is history;)

Even after going to separate high schools and colleges, we’ve stayed super close. She’s that friend that I tell anything and everything to. Even those thoughts that you think you can’t admit to another human – she is my person. Everyone needs a friend like that!

Sammy J, you’re my sister from another mister, and I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. Love you lots!


Sam is super outgoing and freaking hilarious – so I feel like this is the perfect picture of what it looks like when we hang out together;)


Love this one!


Just two 33 year olds skipping through a field holding hands (yes, we felt ridiculous, but it was also so ridiculous that it was so fun;)

I’m glad I could introduce you all to my BFF – she’s the best!

Like I said, I’m going to be photographing some BFF sessions for a few of my Senior Team girls tomorrow, and I can’t wait! Later in the summer I’m going to open up a whole day of BFF mini sessions to anyone who wants in on the fun – stay tuned for more details later!

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