Seniors en Blanc Lookbooks

School is out, and that means summer has officially arrived! Before the school year wrapped up I made sure to deliver these gorgeous lookbooks from my photoshoot with the Class of 2018 Senior Team girls. I love putting these magazines together every year, it’s so fun to see the final product after having just a vision just a few weeks prior. This year’s theme was “Seniors en Blanc”, and the girls did an absolutely AMAZING job with this shoot. We drove down to Historic Shady Lane in York, and their beautiful greenhouse was the perfect setting for our shoot.

Before school let out I drove around to all of the different high schools of my Senior Team girls to deliver their lookbooks, which is always such a fun day. Who wouldn’t love getting a fun, expected surprise at school?! I’m so in love with the final product, and I already can’t wait for next year’s big editorial group shoot!


Each girl gets her own photo for the cover:)

Happy Wednesday:)

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