My Baby Shower!

This weekend was the most amazing weekend!! Why? It was my baby shower weekend! I have been looking forward to this day for months and months, and I still can’t believe how beautiful and perfect the entire day was. So many of my friends and family came together to make this special day happen for me, and I couldn’t have been a happier momma-to-be:)

A special shout out to my sister + Lora (the master wedding planner of Laurel & Elm!) for planning the shower and putting all of these amazing details together! I can’t get over how cute everything was, and it was so much fun to see everything come together on the day of. Another thank you goes to my good friend Mary of A Garden Party – she knows how to beautify any setting with her floral talent, and I’m so appreciative of all her help! Thank you also to so many of my friends and family who helped with food + drinks – you are all the best!

I was able to snag some photos of the set-up before everyone arrived….and I had intentions of taking pictures of the whole shower throughout the day, but I didn’t pick my camera up one time once the party started – that’s the sign of a good party, right?!

My favorite parts? 1) Donut wall + gourmet grilled cheese food truck. Need I say more?! 2) No baby games were played. 3) No presents were opened, boring everyone to tears. Isn’t that everyone’s least favorite part?? The last two were my request – it was basically just a big party:)

But seriously – how amazing is this wall full of Duck Donuts??? So amazing!


Mary came through with the most beautiful flowers as usual:


Aren’t these little succulent favors so cute?? And I love the selfie backdrop!



Can we talk about how lucky were we with the weather?! It was 70 degrees, no humidity, and a perfect sunny day. For the end of July in Pennsylvania, that is unheard of! We lucked out, and I was thrilled:)


The whole set up!


The most delicious cupcakes – they tasted even better than they look!


I did manage to get a few more pictures on my iPhone. Check out the grilled cheese food truck – in case you’re wondering, YES – that’s a grilled cheese filled with mac n’ cheese. It was just as delicious as it sounds;)

Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and showered us with so many generous gifts and love for our sweet little Reagan! I can’t believe she will be here in just a few short weeks!

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