A Woodsy Weekend

And we’re off on our annual family vacation! This year we’re down in OCMD for a relaxing week at the beach. I always love beach vacations, when the biggest decision you have to make is whether to read, swim in the ocean, or nap. My kind of vaca;)

Spending the week with my 3 nieces made me realize I haven’t shared photos of them in a while! Two weeks ago Jay and I took the little ladies up to my dad’s cabin (which is in the middle of no where) for a little weekend getaway. I decided to bring my pro camera along to snag some shots of our time together. I didn’t get very many of the older two, since they’re constantly on the go, out exploring in the woods:)

But Izzy was scared of the woods, so I had a little sidekick plastered to my legs all weekend – isn’t she the cutest?!


What is more fitting than camo overalls for a woodsy weekend??




Lots and lots of ATV rides. Don’t worry, Emma was just on there for a picture – we wouldn’t let her ride without a helmet;)


I shared this picture on instagram, and I adore it. I love when I get Addy snuggles, which doesn’t happen as often these days. And I can still hear Izzy yelling “I PUSH!!!”


If you look close, Izzy has a slightly terrified look on her face;) She’s at that age where she is too scared to walk out of view of the cabin. I tried coaxing her out, but she refused and decided to run back to safety;)


This little lady. I could just eat her up:)

Now I’m off to the beach! Vacation pictures will be shared soon:)

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