2017: A Year in Review

Happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and is feeling well rested after the break. It was our first year celebrating the holidays as parents, which was SO much fun! 2017 was an amazing year for me personally + professionally. I became a mom and am loving every second of it:) Reagan brings so much joy and happiness into our lives, and sometimes I still can’t believe she is finally here! I photographed a bunch of amazing weddings, and continued expanding my senior business – I love that the number of seniors I photograph grows more and more every year!

With my business, one word that can sum up how I felt about 2017 is “balance”. This year, after being in business for 9 (!) years now, I finally feel like I achieved some balance in my life. Reagan was the main motivating factor for that – I didn’t want to be a stressed out, frazzled mess when she arrived! As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to over-extend yourself and take on too much work. It’s SO easy to run yourself into the ground, to the point where you’re left feeling burnt out and creatively spent. So in 2017 I said “no” to certain things. I know my limits, and I didn’t let myself go beyond those limits. It’s always SO hard turning work away, and it’s tempting to think “I can squeeze one or two more shoots in this week!” But I know I don’t want to do that with Reagan here, so I started giving myself those hard limits in 2017.

Go figure, giving myself some balance made me feel so much more calm and less stressed out. There are always crazy times of the year, but for the most part it was such an amazing ride in 2017. I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to photograph so many amazing people. I LOVE that I get to call this my job. It never feels like a “job” to me….I always try to focus on how grateful I am that I get to do something that I truly love and inspires me.

A big THANK YOU to each and every one of my clients I photographed this year! I always love compiling these year-end posts and reminiscing about how wonderful the year has been. 2017 has brought some incredible people into my life, and I’m so incredibly grateful! Love you all!

I hope everyone had an amazing 2017! And if not, on to bigger and better things in 2018:)

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