May Self Portrait: Embracing the Season

Why did it feel like winter dragged on for 8 months this year?! May marked the month where I could FINALLY put my winter coat away and enjoy the outdoors again. After being cooped up all winter, it feels so good to be able to work outside too. That’s another perk of working from home – on nice days I just grab my laptop and sit outside on our back patio to get my work done. For some reason it doesn’t feel like I’m “working” as much when I’m outside;)

I feel like every self portrait since Reagan has been born involves me talking about the struggle of trying to keep up with work while also having a baby at home….and this month is no different. I’ve come to realize that constantly feeling a little behind is just how lots of moms feel…especially when their kids are small and rely on us for their every want and need. We have our sitter come more frequently now, which helps in a HUGE way. It’s still a struggle to balance everything, but I’m just continually trying to tell myself that it’s temporary, and everything will get done some how, some way. So May has been a time for me to embrace this season – both the warm weather, and embracing what it means to be a mom…..accepting that I can’t accomplish as much as I used to but it’s OK. Reagan’s sweet little smiling face is worth it:)

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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