Our Family Photos

It took me forever to get this blog post together (HELLO busy season!), but better late than never, right?! I am SO obsessed with our family session, I can’t wait to hang these images all over our house!

Now that we have Reagan, it’s going to be my goal to have our little family of three photographed professionally at least once a year (hopefully twice!). Not only because I want to make sure we document each year of our lives, but because I think it’s SO important as a photographer to get in front of the camera from time to time. Every time I’m on the other side of the lens, I not only learn so much but it makes me remember how my clients feel. It’s an important reminder and I highly recommend it!

But the obvious bonus is having gorgeous photos like these of our tiny family that I love so much. We hired Rebecca Sior again (she did such an amazing job with our newborn photos too!), and I absolutely adore her. She is sweet and so talented, and I can’t get over how obsessed I am with our whole shoot! I love every single photo, and my heart swells every time I look through our gallery. Thank you so much, Rebecca!

Here are a few of my favorites from our family session! Reagan had just turned 9 months old when we had these taken (I wanted to do a shoot when she was able to sit up but wasn’t crawling away yet!), and I’m so glad we did. She’s already almost 11 months old and I feel like time is flying by!


Oh my sweet little blue eyed girl:) I love her more than I can even esplain<3    


I seriously love every. single. image!


That sweet little face – I could eat it up!


Is her romper not the cutest?! I bought it before she was even born, with the vision of this shoot in mind. Rebecca totally delivered!!!

This guy. I just love him like crazy:)

Happy Thursday, friends!

  1. Sarah Ayars says:

    How do you even pick a favorite!?! These are so, so good and I’ve been waiting to see her in that outfit since you bought it. I’m in love with your dress too!

  2. Meghan says:

    She is so perfect!! Every time I get to see your little fam I get so happy. Miss ya and sending love

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