Reagan’s 1st Birthday

Is this really happening?? I’m still in total disbelief that my baby girl is turning ONE this week! We had a birthday party for her yesterday, and the whole day was so much fun. We were so grateful to all of the family & friends that made the trip to celebrate our little miracle baby, and Reagan loved having a house full of people;)

People say the first year of your baby’s life goes so fast yet sooooo slow – and that couldn’t be more true. Those early newborn days can be so grueling when you’re sleep deprived, and to me it almost felt like that time would never end. But today, I feel like I blinked and this entire year flew by. Our baby girl is becoming less of a baby every day….I wish she could stay mini forever! She’s growing up before my eyes, and nothing brings me greater happiness and joy than getting to be her momma. I never felt a love like I feel for her, and I still feel so incredibly blessed that she was able to be born into this world all thanks to my beautiful sister:) I now can’t imagine life without her!

Jay and I constantly talk about how much we love being a family of three, and how much we love getting to be parents to this sweet little lady. We waited a long time to have this dream come true (it was a 5 year journey!), and it definitely feels so sweet. We love you so much, Reagan!

Here are a few photos from Reagan’s 1st birthday party! A rainbow theme for our rainbow baby:)


Nothing makes my heart fill up with happiness faster than her gummy little grin:


I went a little Pinterest happy, in case you couldn’t tell;)


The whole set up – special thanks to Lora for the amazing birthday sign!


The monthly pictures were on display of course – I’ll be honest, I’m glad those are over. They were SO hard to get for the last 3 months!


The birthday girl and her amaaaaazing birthday cake, made by The Couture Cakery! It was just as tasty as it looks, and I was obsessed with the rainbow layers inside!   


Our sweet little lady. Still no walking, just army crawling all over the place:)


My favorite people in the whole world!

Isn’t the inside of this cake amazing?!? It was even better than I hoped for! And there is Reagan with Aunt Jess:)

Seeing this ruffle butt crawling all over the house was too cute:)

Time for CAKE!


Well, Reagan takes after me. She doesn’t like being messy. She was very dainty eating the cake, picking off one singular sprinkle at a time;)     Happy birthday, baby girl…..we love you to pieces!

  1. Joan T Dougherty says:

    Such a fun party for a very special little lady!!

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