September Self Portrait: Party Prep

Guys, I can officially say I have a ONE YEAR OLD now. It feels so strange to say that! In the beginning, when Reagan was first born, I felt like she would be a baby forever. It sounds totally cliche, but time really does fly by when you have little ones. It does NOT feel like a whole year since we’ve had her, but here we are. All moms tell me that as kids get older, time just flies by even more quickly, which I’m not ready for! I want to bottle up this time with Reagan. She is so sweet, happy and content…..and she adds so much happiness and joy to our house. To this day, Jay and I STILL look at each other in disbelief at times, knowing we are her parents. We just feel so dang lucky we have her!

Last week we threw a first birthday party for Reagan at our house, so a lot of this month was spent getting ready for the party. Because I obviously did nothing in advance (an insane work schedule this summer took precedence!), so I had to jam all of the work into the two weeks before her party. Or if I’m being honest, get it all done in about 3 days before the party;) I’m usually not a procrastinator, but I took on a TAD too much this summer, so my personal life is the first thing I slack on. A goal for this next year: find more balance (said every mom, ever)!

Either way, the party went on without a hitch, I loved how all of Reagan’s rainbow-themed details turned out, and and it was an amazing day celebrating our little lady for her 1st birthday. I can’t wait to see what this next year will hold!

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