October Self Portrait: Back at It

Well friends, I’ve started running again. For some reason any time I get on a running kick, it always tends to start in October. Riiiiiight when it’s about to get freezing cold outside. I don’t know if it’s because the heat of the summer seems impossible for exercise, or my summer schedule is just SO insane that I can’t imagine taking on something new. Either way, this time of year I often start to feel like I have a little bit more time for myself, so here we are.

Do I like running? No. I actually hate it. But I do love the feeling I have when I’m DONE with running. I knew I needed more cardio in my life, so here’s hoping this trend sticks! An added bonus? Reagan LOVES being in the stroller. I can be out with her for 45 minutes and she doesn’t make a peep. I figure a little fresh air for her will never hurt! Although now that it’s getting colder, is it bad to take her out?! Obviously she will be bundled up, but I never know what is TOO cold for kids. It’s one question on the never-ending list of questions about parenthood I have….can’t there be some kind of manual?!

So here we are, back into the running routine this October. This year I just added 3 wheels to the mix, along with my 2 feet:)

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