Joanna + Seth: Engaged!!

You know what makes me insanely happy? Knowing multiple of my 2019 brides are sisters of some of my past TJP brides. I always LOVE photographing multiple weddings for one family. It makes me feel like I’m a part of their crew;)

Earlier this week I traveled out to Philly for Joanna + Seth’s engagement session….I’m SO glad we were able to make this photoshoot happen! When I arrived at our location, it was pouring. Even though I checked the weather just 8 hours earlier, which said 0% chance of rain. I’ve never seen a forecast change so drastically in such a short time! I swear, I often feel like a part time weather reporter, based on the amount of time I spend stalking the weekly, daily, and hourly forecast;)

But I crossed my fingers, the weather gods answered my prayers, and it cleared up just 5 minutes after we were supposed to start shooting. The sun even popped out at the end! I’m so thankful, because that meant we were able to make this absolutely gorgeous photoshoot happen.

Thanks so much for being flexible, Joanna + Seth! I can’t WAIT for the wedding in October!

Flowy dresses for engagement sessions are my favorite!

I am in love with all of the spring trees! I always wish they could stick around longer throughout the year:)

These two have the best smiles!

I am still SO happy we lucked out with the most gorgeous evening after all the rain!

Can’t wait for the wedding in October! So soon!!

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