Project Beauty, Class of 2020

Friends, I am SO excited to share this blog post with you today, because this project and movement is something that’s near and dear to my heart. This year, for the first time ever, I asked my Senior Team girls to be a part of Project Beauty. This isn’t an idea I came up with on my own, it’s a nationwide movement among senior photographers, created by Thomas Nguyen.

The goal of Project Beauty is to focus on the natural beauty that each one of these girls embodies, and to empower them to feel confident in themselves….free of makeup & filters. Social media sets an expectation that to be beautiful, you have to be perfect. That’s just NOT reality, so we’re here to break that notion. Each one of us is beautiful, “flaws” and all.

My Senior Team girls were brave enough to not only participate in their shoot, but to truly open up, be vulnerable, and share their struggles and how they overcome them. Let me tell you, I can’t even explain how in awe I am of this group of girls. They’re such an amazing bunch, and I love them even more for being willing to be so open and share.

Throughout this process I encouraged each girl to share, and be truly open. Why? No one is perfect. No one lacks struggles. And when you struggle, it can be truly comforting to know you’re not alone; that there’s someone else out there going through the EXACT same things as you. I encouraged these girls to take control of their story, and not let it shame them….but feel empowered by using their voice to help others and impact others’ lives in a positive way.

So that is my goal here today. The purpose of Project Beauty. To show how brave these girls are. To show we’re all human, and we all have struggles. To show how truly beautiful each one of these girls are, inside and out. No makeup and all.

I love our Project Beauty video, so so so much. I asked each one of my girls to write down a negative word or phrase that someone has said to them, or they say to themselves. Once we talked about their word, they tore it up and threw that negativity out of their lives. We all agreed it’s very cathartic to physically throw that negativity OUT once and for all. In the end, we focused only on the positive they saw in themselves. Please enjoy the video of these amazing girls!

All of my gorgeous Class of 2020 TJP Senior Team girls (minus one!):

This was such an amazing day, and I was so thrilled so many of them were able to participate:)

Here’s where my girls get REALLY brave. They were all so incredibly vulnerable and open with the struggles in their lives. Girls, THANK YOU for sharing. I know for a fact that there are so many other teenagers struggling with the exact same things. No one is alone. We’re all in this together<3

Project Beauty has filled my heart with so much happiness. Girls, you are so strong, and so brave. I’m a better person for knowing each and every one of you. You’re making a difference in this world, one day at a time. You all are the best!

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