Baby Boy Heinnickel!

I’m so excited to finally announce that we are expecting baby #2!!!! Our sweet little baby BOY is due on September 29th, 2019 and we could not be more excited:) Reagan’s birthday is September 20th, so these two kiddos will pretty much be exactly two years apart. It feels totally surreal, and it’s a whole mixture of emotions to be honest. Exciting, scary, over-the-moon happy, worry, all of the above. Either way, we’re ready for this little dude’s arrival and can’t WAIT for September to get here!

The first thing everyone asks me is if my sister is our surrogate again. Nope! We are still so insanely grateful to her for giving birth to Reagan, but we weren’t about to ask her to do that twice;) We are currently in what’s called an “indy journey”. That means we found a surrogate on our own, not using an agency (or family/friend). Also just to refresh your memories on the terminology, she’s technically our gestational carrier (GC). That means this baby is 100% biologically a product of Jay and I, and our GC is carrying and giving birth to the baby.

From the get go, it felt so “meant to be” with our awesome GC. We were connected through a friend, and I cant wait to introduce her at a later date:) She is an experienced GC, and the best part? She happens to live less than 5 minutes away from me. What are the chances??? Many people who pursue surrogacy end up finding a carrier who lives many states away, so we feel extremely fortunate. Plus, from the moment her and I met in person we clicked right away. It honestly feel meant to be from the get go, and I’m so happy we are almost 20 weeks along (on Sunday!) in this pregnancy.

While I would have LOVED to give birth to our children on our own, it just wasn’t in the cards for me. Sometimes it can be painful to realize we have that complete loss of “normal” when it comes to pregnancy/birth. But at the same time I feel SO insanely grateful that there are wonderful women in this world who are willing to be so selfless. To put their lives on hold for 9 months to help a family bring their baby into the world…..a family who otherwise would have never been able to realize that dream.

Wyatt Heinnickel, we are SO SO SO excited to meet you in September!!!

The pictures above were as good as it got during this mini photoshoot. The photo below is what 95% of our photos looked like;) Trying to photograph this age is TOUGH!!

  1. Courtney says:

    Congratulations guys!! ❤️❤️

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