TJP Senior Team, Class of 2020

Friends, I am SO excited about our Senior Team group shoot this year! My Class of 2020 girls did SUCH an amazing job, and I am absolutely in love with the result. This year we went in a little bit of a different direction, but I couldn’t be happier with everything about the photoshoot. We went with an early 90’s, south LA vibe, which was out of my norm but SO much fun. It’s always so fun to see everything come together in the end!

Also, how awesome is this purple mural we used as a backdrop?! It’s right in downtown Harrisburg, who knew?? As soon as I saw it I knew I had to use it for this year’s group shoot. Between the amazing outfits, hair and makeup, I think we all nailed the “feel” we were looking for with this photoshoot.

A HUGE shout out to all of the vendors who made our Senior Team group shoot come together so seamlessly!

Here are a few of my favorites from our Class of 2020 TJP Senior Team group shoot!

I always make sure to get some fun individual photos of each girl – here they are!

Alyssa + Ashley

Sarah + Kyla

Jena + Callan

Bella + Anna

Mayleigh + Morgan

Emma + Paige + Kristy

You know I can’t end a shoot without hopping in on a photo with my girls too!!!

I hope you loved looking through our 90’s inspired photoshoot, this one was SO much fun for me! And to all of my Senior Team lovelies, you all did SUCH an amazing job! It was an amazing day!

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