Wyatt’s Newborn Shoot

Our newborn photos are in!!! To say I’m obsessed with these in a huge way would be an understatement of how much I love these photos…..which is apparent since I’m sharing so many below. Let’s just say Rebecca is pretty much the best thing ever, I absolutely LOVE having her photograph my family! She’s so sweet, amazing with kids, and has the patience of a saint;)

You know what still feels surreal to me? Saying I have “kids”. Plural. Like when Jay texts me from work asking how the kids are doing. What? I have multiple children? It definitely hasn’t sunk in. But it feels AMAZING. I can’t even explain how much happiness my heart feels knowing our family is complete. Having kids was always in the back of my mind, wondering how we would get there. Feeling like we might never get there. We started trying to have kids in March 2013. Fast forward 6.5 years later, and here we are, our tiny family complete.

I remember after we had Reagan (thanks to my incredible sister!), I often tried to convince myself it would be totally fine if we just had one child. I always wanted two, but we really didn’t see how we would ever get there. Who else besides my sister would ever offer to be our surrogate? But there was always a nagging in the back of my mind, knowing I wanted more. I love having a sibling, and I so badly wanted that for Reagan. When I was connected with Lindsay, our surrogate, through a friend of a friend, a glimmer of hope was ignited inside of me again. Maybe our dream of having a second child would come true!

It was many months of a roller coaster ride before we knew for sure that we would be able to officially move forward with Lindsay (not because of her, but because the process of having a baby through a surrogate is complicated to say the least). You would think my worry would go away once the pregnancy was confirmed, but it was months and months of feeling constant worry for me. At least this time around I knew to expect that feeling, since I felt the same way with Reagan. It wasn’t until Wyatt was placed in my arms…..knowing he was healthy…..that I felt like I could take a deep breath again.

It felt amazing to finally have Wyatt home with us…..and to me, it also came along with an overwhelming feeling of being so happy to be DONE. Done with the IVF world. Done with feeling guilty that other women were putting themselves through so much, just to help us out. Anyone else in the infertility/IVF world would probably agree with me, it’s a TOUGH place to be. It can be filled with heartbreak and sadness. But I always tried to look on the sunny side, and be thankful this was all even possible. Thankful we live in an era where these procedures exist. Thankful we were able to afford it. Thankful there are women in this world who are selfless enough to help struggling families out.

I’m just so dang grateful for this life I’m living. It was definitely not an easy road this past 6.5 years, but we made it. We have two amazing kids, and my heart feels so full. To anyone else struggling to have kids, I feel you! But keep pushing. Keep the faith. I have a sign hanging directly above my computer which reads “let your faith be bigger than your fears”. I would stare at that sign every day, to remind myself to keep the faith, and keep moving forward.

Now, after that novel of a blog post, here are our newborn photos!

My sweet little boy:) I love him so much!

Who wants to smile for a photo when there are flowers to smell?!

Our sweet Holly. Our first fur-baby. She puts up with so much from Reagan, I love her to pieces!

Those tiny hands!

Reagan’s face below, on the left…..I kind of want to get a huge blown up photo of that one, her face is too cute!

Reagan feels so huge to me now that we have Wyatt! She rarely lets me snuggle her, so I’m in love with the photo below:

Thank god for Jay. He is SUCH an amazing dad, and is so incredibly helpful to me. I’m so glad to also live in an era where men now help and are so involved in raising their kids;)

  1. Joan T Dougherty says:

    Love them all!!

  2. Gail says:

    Ummm these turned out SO AMAZING!!! GAH! I can’t pick a favorite! But I teared up reading your post, knowing everything you’ve been through these past six and a half years. I feel privileged that I have been your friend that long, and, on occasion, your confidante and sounding board through this long journey into parenthood. I am SO happy for you and J, and I cannot wait to meet these darling kiddos of yours! It’s okay to admit to dreaming about taking vacations with you four and my four in the future right? Because I think we’d all get along swimmingly!

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