Mechanicsburg Senior Photographer: Madison

Let’s keep this senior blogging streak going, shall we friends?! I’m determined to get everyone posted by the end of the month! I can’t believe we are already less than 2 months away from starting my senior season up all over again….so let’s get right to our next gorgeous senior!

Madison is currently a senior at Cumberland Valley High School, and she is going to be attending Penn State for college….the BEST college in the whole world in my completely unbiased opinion;) Madison is such a positive, happy, super-involved girl. I was so thrilled to spend some time with her, getting to know her last summer. I loved that she incorporated so much of “her” in her senior session! That’s what makes these photoshoots so fun, how we can truly customize them to who YOU are as a person.

I love asking all of my seniors for their definition of true beauty. Here is Madison’s answer: “True beauty is when you are happy with who you are and you surround yourself with people that love and care about you. It’s also when you are your true self and you don’t hold anything back. True beauty is your heart shining through you.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Here are a bunch of my favorite images from Madison’s senior session:)

I loved this outfit and location for Madison!

That dress was just calling for some twirling!

So gorgeous!

Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania senior photographer Tina Jay Photography photographs Madison, a Cumberland Valley High School senior.

We even got a little Beyonce wind action in her hair;)


We incorporated lots of Madison’s extra-cirriculars into her session, which I loved!

I hope you’re having an amazing senior year, Madison! CONGRATS on the acceptance to PSU!

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