IsabelMechanicsburg Area High SchoolClass of 2021 How Isabel describes herself: “I’m athletic, driven, kind, hardworking, loyal. I love to travel, and loveeee the beach. I love to be outside and experience new things.” Isabel’s definition of true beauty: “I think true beauty is character, and how you present yourself. I think it is about how […]

NatalieTrinity High SchoolClass of 2021 How Natalie describes herself: “I am a very outgoing person and I love to try new things and be adventurous. I love to have fun and be around my friends, no matter what we are doing. I love spending time at the beach and in the sun whenever possible.” Natalie’s […]

MaggieTrinity High SchoolClass of 2021 How Maggie describes herself: “I love to be around family and friends, being active and I love animals. I love to be outdoors and in nature.” How Maggie wants people to remember her from senior year: “I am House Captain for this coming school year which is a huge leadership […]

There is something so magical + special about intimate weddings – they’re often some of my favorite weddings I’ve ever shot! And this one is no exception. Kat and Tim planned on having a large center city Philly wedding, but COVID changed their plans. They decided to have a small, 24 person wedding in their […]

LillianEast Pennsboro Area High SchoolClass of 2021 Lily’s definition of true beauty: “Someone who is kind, not quick to judge, and open to all people. Someone who is true to them self and is not solely focused on outward beauty.” The impact Lily wants to make on the world: “I want to create a blog […]