LaurenCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2021 How Lauren describes herself: “I am very outgoing! I love meeting new people and having new experiences. I am usually willing to try anything new, even if it scares me! I also have a love for animals, ever since I was young I have been interested in helping and […]

LaurenNorthern High SchoolClass of 2021 How Lauren describes herself: “I’m very outgoing and work really hard in school. I love all people and love hanging out with friends all the time. I’m VERY extroverted!! I’m sad to be a senior because it’s gone by SO quickly but I can’t wait for the year!!” Lauren’s definition […]

HarleenMechanicsburg Area High SchoolClass of 2021 How Harleen describes herself: “I am super outgoing and I love taking pictures, either with friends or just alone! I am very involved in my community and I try to as much as possible because I love helping people in any way I can.” Harleen’s definition of true beauty: […]

IsabelMechanicsburg Area High SchoolClass of 2021 How Isabel describes herself: “I’m athletic, driven, kind, hardworking, loyal. I love to travel, and loveeee the beach. I love to be outside and experience new things.” Isabel’s definition of true beauty: “I think true beauty is character, and how you present yourself. I think it is about how […]

NatalieTrinity High SchoolClass of 2021 How Natalie describes herself: “I am a very outgoing person and I love to try new things and be adventurous. I love to have fun and be around my friends, no matter what we are doing. I love spending time at the beach and in the sun whenever possible.” Natalie’s […]