MadisonCedar Cliff High SchoolClass of 2021 How Madison describes herself: “I am very determined and intrinsically motivate myself to achieve what I want for myself academically and in my other activities. I’m super passionate about helping others, I’ve been on three missions trips to the Dominican Republic and South Africa. I enjoy hanging out with […]

HeatherCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2021 How Heather describes herself: “I love being with my friends, but also like having time for myself. I am definitely outgoing but I am also an introvert, so it’s really refreshing for me to go home and be by myself for a little after seeing my friends!! I also […]

SongCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2021 How Song describes herself: “I’m a shy person at first, but once you break my shell and get to know me better, I’m a kind, outgoing person who likes to have fun and create laughter!” Song’s definition of true beauty: “My definition of true beauty is about being beautiful […]

JosetteCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2021 How Josette describes herself: “I am super easygoing and like to have fun! I am smart and work hard. I am super honest and trustworthy. I’m good at giving advice and being someone to confide in.” How Josette wants people to remember her from high school: “I want people […]

GillianCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2021 How Gillian describes herself: “I am a very outgoing, bubbly person. I am very active and I love working out and working as a nanny and at a salon. I’m definitely really easy to get along with and I love being friends with everyone.” How Gillian wants people to […]