Last week I had such a fun photoshoot with my Class of 2019 Senior Team girls, and I can’t believe it was one of our last photoshoots together….cue the tears! I’ll still be holding another cap + gown photoshoot for these ladies around graduation time, so they’re not done yet;) I am in love with […]

** This post will be pinned to the top of my blog through the entire application period (11/16/18). Scroll down below this post for new content!** Class of 2020, let’s do this!!! To all of my junior girls out there, it’s time for you to apply for the TJP Senior Team…..the applications are officially OPEN! […]

Who is excited for Halloween week?! I usually don’t get too into the holiday, but now that we have Reagan, I’m so excited to go trick-or-treating with her. Just WAIT until you see her costume – she is as cute as can be. And spoiler alert, it’s a family costume. Get ready;) It’s been feeling […]

People always ask me what the busiest time of the year is for photography. My answer? FALL. Always fall. Hands down, no exceptions. And the mountains of editing I have piled up in front of me is clear evidence of that. While it can be sometimes overwhelming having so much work ahead of me, it […]

Well friends, you can tell it’s fall because I’ve had TONS of photoshoots in the past couple of weeks, and I have mountains of editing ahead of me! But thankfully October has been more kind to us weather-wise than September, and I’ve managed to fit in all my sessions with no reschedules. High fives to […]