Cue all the jazz hands, one of my weddings was just featured in another magazine!!! Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia published Joey + Andrew’s wedding in their magazine this month! Having weddings I’ve photographed published in magazines is always such a huge honor for me. When I was starting out (over 10 years ago, yikes!), I […]

Modern Luxury Weddings Philadelphia featured wedding photographer.

Happy 2020, friends!!! I can’t believe it’s not just a new year, but a new DECADE. So much has happened in our lives these past 10 years…good, bad, ugly and beautiful. I’m so grateful for the last 10 years, because that means I’m about to be married to Jay for an entire DECADE! That’s a […]

The Class of 2021 TJP Senior Team has officially been announced!!! I posted all of girls who will be a part of the team over on Insta, so make sure to head on over to get a peek at all of the girls who will be making up next year’s team<3 Speaking of Senior Teams, […]

It’s official!!! The TJP Senior Team for the Class of 2021 has been announced! I swear, it gets harder and harder every year to choose girls for the Senior Team. I get so many amazing applications, and I honestly wish I could choose everyone. But I feel strongly about having a Senior Team that’s on […]

Aaaand we’re back from the holiday break! I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. Ours was as low-key as a holiday gets….lots of hanging out around home. That’s what life looks like when you have a 2 month old and a 2 year old! But if I’m being honest, I welcomed having an excuse to […]