Why did it feel like winter dragged on for 8 months this year?! May marked the month where I could FINALLY put my winter coat away and enjoy the outdoors again. After being cooped up all winter, it feels so good to be able to work outside too. That’s another perk of working from home […]

Well friends, I’m sneaking this self portrait in on the last day of the month – but at least I’m making it! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this week for a long time now, and it’s finally here: my week of being a mom to 4 girls. We sent Jess and Mike off on a week […]

Take me back to Florida! At this point in the winter, I am always SO ready for the warmer weather to make an appearance. It was such a tease being in sunny Florida for a week! I make this trip down south every year to visit my grandparents. This year I debated not going, since […]

Well friends, I did it! I flew to Florida by myself, with a 5 month baby in tow. This year I seriously debated not traveling south to visit my grandparents, because the thought of flying alone with Reagan totally overwhelmed me. What if she screams the whole flight? What if I forget diapers? How do […]

Slow and steady – that’s the name of my healthy game;) Starting back on January 1st, Jay and I decided to really “up” our healthiness. After the holidays we were both feeling like garbage. Added to that, we practically lived on take out for the first 3 months of Reagan’s life, when neither of us […]