LillianEast Pennsboro Area High SchoolClass of 2021 Lily’s definition of true beauty: “Someone who is kind, not quick to judge, and open to all people. Someone who is true to them self and is not solely focused on outward beauty.” The impact Lily wants to make on the world: “I want to create a blog […]

AubreyCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2021 How Aubrey describes herself: “I love love love dressing up and doing my hair and makeup. I don’t do it much but when I do, I’m so excited. I love shopping and the beach. I love spending time with my family and my friends.” How Aubrey wants people to […]

AlyssaCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2021 How Alyssa describes herself: “I am very extroverted, I LOVE all things fashion (my closet is overflowing), makeup (I’m constantly buying new products to try), I love to be around others and make sure everyone is always in a good mood 🙂 I also love being cozy and just […]

Ashley Trinity High SchoolClass of 2020 The type of impact Ashley wants to make on the world: “I want to be remembered not by everyone but fondly remembered by the ones closest to me and the lives of people I have impacted.” Ashley’s favorite high school memory: “When I went on my senior retreat called […]

CarlyCumberland Valley High SchoolClass of 2020 How Carly describes herself: “I am a big introvert but when I get to know people well my personality really comes out. I love just hanging out and talking about anything with friends. I am very sarcastic and that’s a big part of my personality.” Carly’s favorite high school […]