I want to capture a mother’s teary-eyed reaction to her daughter getting in her dress every bit as much as the timeless first kiss as man and wife at the altar. More importantly, I want you to enjoy the experience of my being your photographer, feeling at ease and relaxed in front of my camera.

I strive to provide clients with timeless imagery, I want you to look at those same shots on your 50th wedding anniversary and love them for the beautiful photographs they are — not for any trend or fancy Photoshop work I’ve put into them.

When you get your wedding photos back, expect to see real emotion in them. Smiles. Tears. Laughter, especially. Because when you’re laughing—not just smiling—you’re showing your true self to the camera. That’s who I want to capture.

When I document your wedding, I’ll be there for both the big and little moments.

Let's capture you. Just as you are.